4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Dominion vs. Freedom
  Date: Sep 30, 2016 • Site: Brambleton, VA

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 1 play, minus 1 yard, TOP 0:49
Titans 2-11on Freedom23End of game, clock 00:00.
Titans 1-10on Freedom22McCants,Vashon rush for loss of 1 yard to the FREEDOM23.
Titans 1-10on Freedom22DOMINION drive start at 00:49.
 Drive: 4 plays, 0 yards, TOP 0:21
Freedom 4-10on Freedom22Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Mayo,Robert, dropped pass.
Freedom 3-10on Freedom22Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Collins,Zayan (Kivinski,Kyle).
Freedom 2-10on Freedom22Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Mayo,Robert (Betts,Kevin).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom22Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Billups,Jaren (Robinson,Jayson).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom22FREEDOM drive start at 01:10.
Blas,Ramon kickoff 38 yards to the FREEDOM22, downed.
 Drive: 4 plays, 29 yards, TOP 1:48
Dominion 20, Freedom 0
Blas,Ramon kick attempt failed (blocked) (blocked by Dunn-Ford,Garre).
Titans 4-10on Freedom29McCants,Vashon pass complete to Karlan,Trevor for 29 yards to the FREEDOM0, 1ST DOWN TITANS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 01:12.
Titans 3-6on Freedom25McCants,Vashon rush for loss of 4 yards to the FREEDOM29 (Posey,Jack), PENALTY TITANS illegal motion declined.
Titans 2-12on Freedom31Walker,Billie rush for 6 yards to the FREEDOM25 (Pirko,Andrew;Carney,Jake).
Titans 1-17on Freedom36McCants,Vashon rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM31.
Titans 1-15on Freedom34McCants,Vashon rush for 20 yards to the FREEDOM14, out-of-bounds, PENALTY TITANS holding 2 yards to the FREEDOM36, NO PLAY.
Titans 1-10on Freedom29PENALTY TITANS delay of game 5 yards to the FREEDOM34.
Titans 1-10on Freedom29DOMINION drive start at 02:58.
 Drive: 8 plays, 4 yards, TOP 2:25
Freedom 4-17on Freedom29Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Doherty,Aidan.
Freedom 3-17on Freedom29Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Collins,Zayan.
Freedom 2-17on Freedom29Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Doherty,Aidan, dropped pass.
Freedom 1-10on Freedom36Fitzgerald,Jack sacked for loss of 7 yards to the FREEDOM29 (Christ,Tommy).
Freedom 4-8on Freedom27Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Doherty,Aidan for 9 yards to the FREEDOM36, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Robinson,Jayson).
Freedom 3-7on Freedom28Fitzgerald,Jack sacked for loss of 1 yard to the FREEDOM27 (Campos,Joel).
Freedom 2-5on Freedom30Mayo,Robert rush for loss of 2 yards to the FREEDOM28 (Wertz,Alex).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom25Mayo,Robert rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM30 (Robinson,Jayson;Betts,Kevin).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom25FREEDOM drive start at 05:23.
 Drive: 13 plays, 50 yards, TOP 6:44
Titans 4-10on Freedom33McCants,Vashon pass complete to Betts,Kevin for 8 yards to the FREEDOM25, out-of-bounds (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Titans 3-7on Freedom30Wertz,Alex rush for loss of 7 yards to the FREEDOM37, fumble by Wertz,Alex recovered by TITANS Wertz,Alex at FREEDOM36, Wertz,Alex for 3 yards to the FREEDOM33 (Doherty,Robert).
Titans 2-11on Freedom34Walker,Billie rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM30 (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Titans 2-3on Freedom26Walker,Billie rush for 9 yards to the FREEDOM17 (Pirko,Andrew;Carney,Jake), PENALTY TITANS holding 8 yards to the FREEDOM34, NO PLAY.
Titans 1-10on Freedom33Webster,Isaiah rush for 7 yards to the FREEDOM26 (Cofield,Jeremy).
Titans 3-5on Freedom40McCants,Vashon pass complete to Walker,Billie for 7 yards to the FREEDOM33, 1ST DOWN TITANS (Cofield,Jeremy).
Titans 2-10on Freedom45McCants,Vashon rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM40 (Doherty,Robert;Stallings,Case).
Titans 1-10on Freedom45McCants,Vashon pass incomplete to Richardson,Geor (Collins,Zayan).
Titans 3-2on Freedom47McCants,Vashon rush for 2 yards to the FREEDOM45, 1ST DOWN TITANS (Doherty,Robert).
Titans 2-7on Titans48Walker,Billie rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM47 (Stallings,Case).
Titans 1-10on Titans45Wertz,Alex rush for 3 yards to the TITANS48 (Carney,Jake).
Titans 3-11on Titans24McCants,Vashon pass complete to Karlan,Trevor for 21 yards to the TITANS45, 1ST DOWN TITANS (Cofield,Jeremy).
Titans 2-8on Titans27McCants,Vashon sacked for loss of 3 yards to the TITANS24 (Carney,Jake).
Titans 2-8on Titans27Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.
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