3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Dominion vs. Freedom
  Date: Sep 30, 2016 • Site: Brambleton, VA

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Dominion 14, Freedom 0
 Drive: 1 play, 2 yards, TOP 6:44
Titans 1-10on Titans25Walker,Billie rush for 2 yards to the TITANS27 (Stallings,Case;Carney,Jake).
Titans 1-10on Titans25DOMINION drive start at 00:07.
 Drive: 3 plays, minus 12 yards, TOP 1:03
Freedom 4-22on Freedom30Dineen,Brett punt 45 yards to the TITANS25, out-of-bounds.
Freedom 4-17on Freedom35PENALTY FREEDOM illegal motion 5 yards to the FREEDOM30.
Freedom 3-17on Freedom35Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Mayo,Robert.
Freedom 2-10on Freedom42Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Doherty,Aidan for loss of 7 yards to the FREEDOM35, out-of-bounds (Robinson,Jayson;Kivinski,Kyle).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom42Fitzgerald,Jack rush for no gain to the FREEDOM42 (TEAM).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom42FREEDOM drive start at 01:10.
 Drive: 3 plays, 8 yards, TOP 1:20
Titans 4-2on Titans25Webster,Isaiah punt 33 yards to the FREEDOM42, fair catch by Mayo,Robert.
Titans 3-21on Titans06Wertz,Alex rush for 19 yards to the TITANS25, out-of-bounds (Carney,Jake).
Titans 3-21on Titans063rd and 21.
Titans 3-4on Titans23McCants,Vashon rush for 3 yards to the TITANS26 (Krinjeck,Ethan), PENALTY TITANS holding 7 yards to the TITANS16, PENALTY TITANS personal foul 10 yards to the TITANS6, NO PLAY.
Titans 2-7on Titans20Wertz,Alex rush for 3 yards to the TITANS23 (TEAM).
Titans 1-10on Titans17McCants,Vashon rush for 3 yards to the TITANS20 (TEAM).
Titans 1-10on Titans17DOMINION drive start at 02:30.
 Drive: 9 plays, 53 yards, TOP 3:46
Freedom 2-10on Titans21Fitzgerald,Jack rush for loss of 4 yards to the TITANS25, fumble forced by Walker,Billie, fumble by Fitzgerald,Jack recovered by TITANS Walker,Billie at TITANS27, PENALTY TITANS sideline interference 10 yards to the TITANS17, 1st and 10, TITANS ball on TITANS17.
Freedom 1-10on Titans21Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Doherty,Aidan (Robinson,Jayson).
Freedom 1-5on Titans211st and 10.
Freedom 3-12on Freedom49Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Collins,Zayan for 25 yards to the TITANS26, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Betts,Kevin), PENALTY TITANS face mask 5 yards to the TITANS21.
Freedom 2-10on Titans49Fitzgerald,Jack rush for loss of 2 yards to the FREEDOM49 (TEAM).
Freedom 1-10on Titans49Fitzgerald,Jack rush for no gain to the TITANS49 (Walker,Billie).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom36Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Mayo,Robert for 15 yards to the TITANS49, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (McCants,Vashon).
Freedom 3-2on Freedom28Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 8 yards to the FREEDOM36, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Smith,Kyle).
Freedom 2-6on Freedom24Dineen,Brett rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM28 (Smith,Kyle;Robinson,Jayson).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom20Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM24 (Smith,Kyle;Williams,Corey).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom20FREEDOM drive start at 06:16.
 Drive: 4 plays, 45 yards, TOP 2:09
Titans 2-5on Freedom30McCants,Vashon rush for 28 yards to the FREEDOM2, fumble forced by Doherty,Robert, fumble by McCants,Vashon recovered by FREEDOM TEAM at FREEDOM0, touchback.
Titans 1-10on Freedom35McCants,Vashon pass complete to Richardson,Geor for 5 yards to the FREEDOM30 (Pirko,Andrew).
Titans 2-2on Freedom37Walker,Billie rush for 2 yards to the FREEDOM35, 1ST DOWN TITANS (Carney,Jake).
Titans 1-10on Freedom45Walker,Billie rush for 8 yards to the FREEDOM37 (Pirko,Andrew).
Titans 1-10on Freedom45DOMINION drive start at 08:25.
 Drive: 5 plays, 1 yard, TOP 3:28
Freedom 4-27on Freedom20Dineen,Brett punt 25 yards to the FREEDOM45, downed.
Freedom 3-15on Freedom32Fitzgerald,Jack sacked for loss of 12 yards to the FREEDOM20 (Kivinski,Kyle;Campos,Joel).
Freedom 2-13on Freedom34Dineen,Brett rush for loss of 2 yards to the FREEDOM32 (Walker,Billie).
Freedom 2-8on Freedom39PENALTY FREEDOM false start 5 yards to the FREEDOM34.
Freedom 1-10on Freedom37Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 2 yards to the FREEDOM39 (TEAM).
Freedom 2-5on Freedom24Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Doherty,Aidan for 13 yards to the FREEDOM37, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Brooks,Elijah).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom19Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Collins,Zayan for 5 yards to the FREEDOM24 (Robinson,Jayson).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom19FREEDOM drive start at 11:53.
Blas,Ramon kickoff 54 yards to the FREEDOM6, Collins,Zayan return 13 yards to the FREEDOM19 (Robertson,Jamar).
 Drive: 1 play, minus 1 yard, TOP 0:05
Freedom 2-11on Freedom28Change of possession, TITANS ball on TITANS40, 1st and 10.
Freedom 2-11on Freedom28Start of 3rd quarter, clock 12:00.
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