1st Quarter Play-by-Play

  Freedom vs. Loudoun County
  Date: Sep 23, 2016 • Site: Loudoun County HS

1st Quarter Play-by-Play
Loudoun County 7, Freedom 0
 Drive: 1 play, 5 yards, TOP 3:30
Freedom 1-10on Freedom38Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM43 (Huewe,Adam).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom38FREEDOM drive start at 00:29.
Carson,Cam kickoff 45 yards to the FREEDOM15, Cofield,Jeremy return 23 yards to the FREEDOM38 (Chapman,Jordan).
 Drive: 7 plays, 80 yards, TOP 3:09
Loudoun County 7, Freedom 0
Carson,Cam kick attempt good.
Raiders 2-13on Raiders46Barts,Nick pass complete to Beal,Zac for 54 yards to the FREEDOM0, 1ST DOWN RAIDERS, TOUCHDOWN, clock 00:35.
Raiders 1-10on Raiders49Harris,David rush for loss of 3 yards to the RAIDERS46 (Carney,Jake).
Raiders 3-7on Raiders42Harris,David rush for 7 yards to the RAIDERS49, 1ST DOWN RAIDERS (Carney,Jake).
Raiders 2-7on Raiders42Barts,Nick pass incomplete to Baah,Dom.
Raiders 1-10on Raiders39Harris,David rush for 3 yards to the RAIDERS42 (Carney,Jake;Cofield,Jeremy).
Raiders 2-3on Raiders27Barts,Nick pass complete to Turner,Hassan for 12 yards to the RAIDERS39, 1ST DOWN RAIDERS (Pirko,Andrew;Posey,Jack).
Raiders 1-10on Raiders20Barts,Nick pass complete to Baah,Dom for 7 yards to the RAIDERS27 (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Raiders 1-10on Raiders20LOUDOUN COUNTY drive start at 03:38.
 Drive: 11 plays, 24 yards, TOP 4:29
Freedom 4-10on Raiders20Pearson,Drew field goal attempt from 37 MISSED - wide right, spot at RAIDERS20, clock 03:38.
Freedom 3-8on Raiders18Doherty,Aidan rush for loss of 2 yards to the RAIDERS20 (Seventko,Josh).
Freedom 2-8on Raiders18Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Mayo,Robert (Lovo,Yonathan).
Freedom 1-10on Raiders20Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 2 yards to the RAIDERS18 (Thomas,Alex).
Freedom 4-1on Raiders22Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 2 yards to the RAIDERS20, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Seventko,Josh;Huewe,Adam).
Freedom 3-5on Raiders26Mayo,Robert rush for 4 yards to the RAIDERS22 (Lovo,Yonathan).
Freedom 2-5on Raiders26Dineen,Brett rush for no gain to the RAIDERS26 (Lovo,Yonathan;Welstead,Carter).
Freedom 1-10on Raiders31Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 5 yards to the RAIDERS26 (Welstead,Carter).
Freedom 3-1on Raiders35Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 4 yards to the RAIDERS31, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Welstead,Carter).
Freedom 2-7on Raiders41Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 6 yards to the RAIDERS35 (Welstead,Carter;Seventko,Josh).
Freedom 1-10on Raiders44Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Mayo,Robert for 3 yards to the RAIDERS41 (Williams,Caleb).
Freedom 1-10on Raiders44FREEDOM drive start at 08:07.
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 2:17
Freedom 4-6on Freedom36Dineen,Brett punt 32 yards to the RAIDERS32, Corbett,Cam return 0 yards to the RAIDERS32, fumble by Corbett,Cam recovered by FREEDOM TEAM at RAIDERS44, Faber William for no gain to the RAIDERS44.
Freedom 3-2on Freedom40Fitzgerald,Jack sacked for loss of 4 yards to the FREEDOM36 (Welstead,Carter).
Freedom 2-6on Freedom36Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM40 (Welstead,Carter).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom32Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM36 (Serafin,Robbie).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom32FREEDOM drive start at 10:24.
 Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 1:36
Raiders 4-3on Raiders47Corbett,Cam punt 21 yards to the FREEDOM32, downed.
Raiders 3-7on Raiders43Barts,Nick pass complete to Baah,Dom for 4 yards to the RAIDERS47 (Krinjeck,Ethan;Pirko,Andrew).
Raiders 2-9on Raiders41Lovo,Yonathan rush for 2 yards to the RAIDERS43 (Krinjeck,Ethan;Carney,Jake).
Raiders 1-10on Raiders40Lovo,Yonathan rush for 1 yard to the RAIDERS41 (Stallings,Case).
Pearson,Drew kickoff 20 yards to the RAIDERS40, downed, RAIDERS ball on RAIDERS40.
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