3rd Quarter Play-by-Play

  Heritage vs. Freedom
  Date: Sep 16, 2016 • Site: Freedom HS

3rd Quarter Play-by-Play
Heritage 16, Freedom 14
 Drive: 8 plays, 52 yards, TOP 3:57
Pride 2-9on Freedom16Carlin,Alex rush for 9 yards to the FREEDOM7, 1ST DOWN PRIDE (Doherty,Robert).
Pride 1-15on Freedom22Schaub,Luke rush for 6 yards to the FREEDOM16 (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Pride 1-10on Freedom17PENALTY PRIDE false start 5 yards to the FREEDOM22.
Pride 3-7on Freedom28Carlin,Alex pass complete to Hutcherson,DJ for 11 yards to the FREEDOM17, 1ST DOWN PRIDE, out-of-bounds (Collins,Zayan).
Pride 2-10on Freedom31Schaub,Luke rush for 3 yards to the FREEDOM28 (Carney,Jake).
Pride 1-10on Freedom31Carlin,Alex pass incomplete to Holland,Austin, dropped pass.
Pride 3-20on Pride31Carlin,Alex pass complete to Maisus,Aaron for 38 yards to the FREEDOM31, 1ST DOWN PRIDE.
Pride 2-10on Pride41Calderon,Alejan rush for loss of 10 yards to the PRIDE31 (Krinjeck,Ethan;Carney,Jake).
Pride 1-10on Pride41Carlin,Alex pass incomplete to Hutcherson,DJ, dropped pass.
Pride 1-10on Pride41HERITAGE drive start at 03:20.
 Drive: 3 plays, 7 yards, TOP 2:01
Freedom 4-3on Freedom41Stiles,Quincy punt 18 yards to the PRIDE41, downed.
Freedom 3-3on Freedom41Fitzgerald,Jack rush for no gain to the FREEDOM41 (Edmond,Derrick;Fenton,Evan).
Freedom 2-6on Freedom38Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 3 yards to the FREEDOM41 (Edmond,Derrick;Thompson,Connor).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom34Dineen,Brett rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM38 (Hollis,Kevin;Hogan,Beau).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom34FREEDOM drive start at 05:21.
Henriquez,Bryan kickoff 49 yards to the FREEDOM11, Mayo,Robert return 23 yards to the FREEDOM34 (Moss,Tyrique).
 Drive: 6 plays, 30 yards, TOP 2:34
Heritage 16, Freedom 14
Henriquez,Bryan kick attempt good.
Pride 2-Gon Freedom05Carlin,Alex pass complete to Wooten,Gio for 5 yards to the FREEDOM0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 05:28.
Pride 1-Gon Freedom18Carlin,Alex rush for 13 yards to the FREEDOM5 (Collins,Zayan).
Pride 1-Gon Freedom08Schaub,Luke rush for 3 yards to the FREEDOM5 (Carney,Jake), PENALTY PRIDE holding 10 yards to the FREEDOM18, NO PLAY.
Pride 2-10on Freedom19Carlin,Alex pass complete to Maisus,Aaron for 11 yards to the FREEDOM8, 1ST DOWN PRIDE.
Pride 1-10on Freedom19Carlin,Alex pass incomplete to Maisus,Aaron.
Pride 2-5on Freedom25Schaub,Luke rush for 6 yards to the FREEDOM19, 1ST DOWN PRIDE (Billups,Jaren).
Pride 1-10on Freedom30Carlin,Alex rush for 5 yards to the FREEDOM25, out-of-bounds (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Pride 1-10on Freedom30HERITAGE drive start at 07:55.
Pearson,Drew kickoff 46 yards to the PRIDE14, Wallace,RJ return 56 yards to the FREEDOM30 (Krakowiak,Danie).
 Drive: 5 plays, 36 yards, TOP 2:16
Freedom 14, Heritage 9
Pearson,Drew kick attempt good.
Freedom 2-8on Pride22Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Mayo,Robert for 22 yards to the PRIDE0, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:08.
Freedom 1-10on Pride24Fitzgerald,Jack rush for 2 yards to the PRIDE22 (Edmond,Derrick).
Freedom 3-5on Pride31Fitzgerald,Jack pass complete to Bartolmei Neal for 7 yards to the PRIDE24, 1ST DOWN FREEDOM (Hutcherson,DJ).
Freedom 2-5on Pride31Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Doherty,Aidan.
Freedom 1-10on Pride36Doherty,Aidan rush for 5 yards to the PRIDE31 (Vincent,Cooper).
Freedom 1-10on Pride36FREEDOM drive start at 10:11.
 Drive: 3 plays, 0 yards, TOP 0:22
Pride 3-10on Pride36Carlin,Alex pass intercepted by Doherty,Robert at the PRIDE44, Doherty,Robert return 8 yards to the PRIDE36 (Carlin,Alex).
Pride 2-10on Pride36Carlin,Alex pass incomplete to Hutcherson,DJ.
Pride 1-10on Pride36Carlin,Alex pass incomplete to Holland,Austin.
Pride 1-10on Pride36HERITAGE drive start at 10:33.
 Drive: 3 plays, 4 yards, TOP 1:27
Freedom 4-6on Freedom42Stiles,Quincy punt 30 yards to the PRIDE28, Wooten,Gio return 8 yards to the PRIDE36 (Cofield,Jeremy).
Freedom 3-10on Freedom38Dineen,Brett rush for 4 yards to the FREEDOM42 (Hogan,Beau).
Freedom 2-10on Freedom38Fitzgerald,Jack pass incomplete to Doherty,Aidan (Wooten,Gio).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom38Mayo,Robert rush for no gain to the FREEDOM38 (TEAM).
Freedom 1-10on Freedom38FREEDOM drive start at 12:00.
Henriquez,Bryan kickoff 22 yards to the FREEDOM38, Faber Matthew return 0 yards to the FREEDOM38.
Pride 1-10on Pride02Start of 3rd quarter, clock 12:00, PRIDE ball on PRIDE40.
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