4th Quarter Play-by-Play

  Freedom vs. Woodgrove
  Date: Oct 07, 2016 • Site: Woodgrove HS

4th Quarter Play-by-Play
 Drive: 2 plays, 48 yards, TOP 1:47
Eagles 2-10on Woodgrov32End of game, clock 00:00.
Eagles 1-10on Woodgrov32Mayo, Robert rush for no gain to the WOODGROV32 (TEAM).
Eagles 1-10on Eagles20Dineen, Brett rush for 48 yards to the WOODGROV32, 1ST DOWN EAGLES (Green,Darrin).
Eagles 1-10on Eagles20FREEDOM drive start at 01:47.
 Drive: 8 plays, 43 yards, TOP 4:33
Woodgrov2-Gon Eagles05Reles,Andres field goal attempt from 37 MISSED - wide right, spot at EAGLES20, clock 01:47.
Woodgrov1-Gon Eagles04Wolfe,Amatz rush for loss of 1 yard to the EAGLES5 (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles18Piland,Rick rush for 14 yards to the EAGLES4, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV (TEAM).
Woodgrov2-6on Eagles30Wolfe,Amatz rush for 12 yards to the EAGLES18, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV (Salazar, Ryan).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles34Lewis,KJ rush for 4 yards to the EAGLES30 (Doherty, Bobby).
Woodgrov3-1on Eagles39Lewis,KJ rush for 5 yards to the EAGLES34, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV (Chen, Sean).
Woodgrov2-6on Eagles44Piland,Rick rush for 5 yards to the EAGLES39 (Chen, Sean).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles48Ammann,Nico rush for 4 yards to the EAGLES44 (TEAM).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles48WOODGROVE drive start at 06:20.
Pearson, Drew kickoff 13 yards to the EAGLES48, downed.
 Drive: 2 plays, 65 yards, TOP 1:05
Woodgrove 52, Freedom 14
Pearson, Drew kick attempt good.
Eagles 2-10on Eagles35Fitzgerald, Jac pass complete to Mayo, Robert for 65 yards to the WOODGROV0, 1ST DOWN EAGLES, TOUCHDOWN, clock 06:34.
Eagles 1-10on Eagles35Fitzgerald, Jac rush for no gain to the EAGLES35 (Adams,Ivan).
Eagles 1-10on Eagles35FREEDOM drive start at 07:25.
Branch,Zack kickoff 60 yards to the EAGLES5, Mayo, Robert return 30 yards to the EAGLES35 (TEAM).
 Drive: 13 plays, 79 yards, TOP 6:55
Woodgrove 52, Freedom 7
Branch,Zack kick attempt good.
Woodgrov3-Gon Eagles06Ammann,Nico rush for 6 yards to the EAGLES0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 07:50.
Woodgrov2-Gon Eagles08Piland,Rick rush for 2 yards to the EAGLES6 (TEAM).
Woodgrov1-Gon Eagles10Piland,Rick rush for 2 yards to the EAGLES8 (TEAM).
Woodgrov3-2on Eagles12Piland,Rick rush for 2 yards to the EAGLES10, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV (TEAM).
Woodgrov2-9on Eagles19Wunder,Johann rush for 7 yards to the EAGLES12 (Salazar, Ryan).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles20Wolfe,Amatz rush for 1 yard to the EAGLES19 (Krinjeck,Ethan).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles201st and 10.
Woodgrov2-8on Eagles35Organ,AJ pass complete to Badillo,Ryan for no gain to the EAGLES35 (Krinjeck,Ethan), PENALTY EAGLES pass interference 15 yards to the EAGLES20, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV.
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles37Wolfe,Amatz rush for 2 yards to the EAGLES35 (TEAM).
Woodgrov1-10on Eagles47Ammann,Nico rush for 10 yards to the EAGLES37, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV (Chen, Sean).
Woodgrov2-10on Woodgrov36PENALTY EAGLES unsportsmanlike conduct 17 yards to the EAGLES47, 1ST DOWN WOODGROV.
Woodgrov1-10on Woodgrov36Ammann,Nico rush for no gain to the WOODGROV36 (TEAM).
Woodgrov1-10on Woodgrov36Start of 4th quarter, clock 12:00.
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