1st Period Play-by-Play

  St. Johns vs. Paul VI
  Date: 02/22/16 • Site: 2016 WCAC Championship

1st Period Play-by-Play
  REBOUND (DEF) by Noe,Carolyn
00:02SJGBMISSED 3 PTR by Rivera,Carly
  ASSIST by Owusu,Ashley
00:17PVIGOOD! 3 PTR by Klimkiewicz,KatePVI 19 - SJGB 13(PVI by 6)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ebo,Lauren
00:34SJGBMISSED 3 PTR by Rivera,Carly
  REBOUND (DEF) by Carodine,Jaylin
00:46PVIMISSED 3 PTR by Klimkiewicz,Kate
00:54SJGBTURNOVR by Rivera,Carly
  ASSIST by Noe,Carolyn
01:02PVIGOOD! 3 PTR by Owusu,AshleyPVI 16 - SJGB 13(PVI by 3)
01:12PVISTEAL by Klimkiewicz,Kate
01:13SJGBTURNOVR by Overcash,Sarah
  REBOUND (OFF) by Whitney,Jasmine
01:45PVIMISSED 3 PTR by James,Raven
01:58SJGBGOOD! LAYUP by Sheppard,Aisha (fastbreak)PVI 13 - SJGB 13Tied
02:00SJGBSTEAL by Sheppard,Aisha
02:01PVITURNOVR by Barbour,Rayna
02:09SJGBGOOD! LAYUP by Robbins,KaylaPVI 13 - SJGB 11(PVI by 2)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Robbins,Kayla
02:14SJGBMISSED LAYUP by Wood,Sydney
02:25SJGBSTEAL by Sheppard,Aisha
02:26PVITURNOVR by James,Raven
02:38SJGBGOOD! FT SHOT by Robbins,KaylaPVI 13 - SJGB 9(PVI by 4)
02:38SJGBGOOD! FT SHOT by Robbins,KaylaPVI 13 - SJGB 8(PVI by 5)
02:40PVIFOUL by Collins,Amira (P1)
02:48SJGBSTEAL by McCray,Asia
02:49PVITURNOVR by Owusu,Ashley
03:10SJGBTURNOVR by McCray,Asia
03:23PVIFOUL by Klimkiewicz,Kate (P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Rivera,Carly
03:33PVIMISSED 3 PTR by Klimkiewicz,Kate
03:33SJGBTURNOVR by McCray,Asia
  REBOUND (DEF) by Robbins,Kayla
03:45PVIMISSED FT SHOT by James,Raven
03:45SJGBFOUL by Beverly,Niya (P2)
  ASSIST by Whitney,Jasmine
03:45PVIGOOD! LAYUP by James,Raven (fastbreak)PVI 13 - SJGB 7(PVI by 6)
03:49PVISTEAL by Whitney,Jasmine
03:50SJGBTURNOVR by Carodine,Jaylin
03:59SJGBSTEAL by Carodine,Jaylin
04:01PVITURNOVR by Whitney,Jasmine
04:07PVITURNOVR by James,Raven
  REBOUND (DEF) by Robbins,Kayla
04:13PVIMISSED JUMPER by Collins,Amira
  REBOUND (DEF) by Collins,Amira
04:15SJGBMISSED JUMPER by Overcash,Sarah
  REBOUND (DEF) by Beverly,Niya
04:24PVIMISSED LAYUP by Collins,Amira
04:37SJGBGOOD! FT SHOT by Robbins,KaylaPVI 11 - SJGB 7(PVI by 4)
04:37SJGBMISSED FT SHOT by Robbins,Kayla
04:37PVIFOUL by James,Raven (P1)
04:38SJGBSTEAL by Robbins,Kayla
04:41PVITURNOVR by James,Raven
04:55SJGBTURNOVR by Robbins,Kayla
05:09PVIGOOD! FT SHOT by Owusu,AshleyPVI 11 - SJGB 6(PVI by 5)
05:09PVIGOOD! FT SHOT by Owusu,AshleyPVI 10 - SJGB 6(PVI by 4)
05:09SJGBFOUL by Beverly,Niya (P1)
  ASSIST by Robbins,Kayla
05:27SJGBGOOD! JUMPER by Overcash,Sarah (in the paint)PVI 9 - SJGB 6(PVI by 3)
  ASSIST by James,Raven
05:59PVIGOOD! JUMPER by Whitney,Jasmine (in the paint)PVI 9 - SJGB 4(PVI by 5)
06:12SJGBGOOD! FT SHOT by Carodine,JaylinPVI 7 - SJGB 4(PVI by 3)
06:12SJGBGOOD! FT SHOT by Carodine,JaylinPVI 7 - SJGB 3(PVI by 4)
06:12PVIFOUL by Whitney,Jasmine (P1)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Carodine,Jaylin
06:14SJGBMISSED FT SHOT by Robbins,Kayla
06:14SJGBMISSED FT SHOT by Robbins,Kayla
06:14PVIFOUL by Owusu,Ashley (P1)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Robbins,Kayla
06:24SJGBMISSED LAYUP by Beverly,Niya
  ASSIST by Whitney,Jasmine
06:43PVIGOOD! 3 PTR by James,RavenPVI 7 - SJGB 2(PVI by 5)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Owusu,Ashley
06:50PVIMISSED 3 PTR by Klimkiewicz,Kate
  REBOUND (OFF) by Collins,Amira
06:53PVIMISSED LAYUP by Klimkiewicz,Kate
  REBOUND (OFF) by Klimkiewicz,Kate
06:56PVIMISSED LAYUP by James,Raven
06:57PVISTEAL by James,Raven
06:57SJGBTURNOVR by Sheppard,Aisha
07:07PVIGOOD! LAYUP by James,RavenPVI 4 - SJGB 2(PVI by 2)
07:32SJGBGOOD! LAYUP by Overcash,SarahPVI 2 - SJGB 2Tied
  REBOUND (OFF) by Overcash,Sarah
07:33SJGBMISSED LAYUP by Robbins,Kayla
  ASSIST by Whitney,Jasmine
07:44PVIGOOD! LAYUP by Collins,AmiraPVI 2 - SJGB 0(PVI by 2)
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