1st Period Play-by-Play

  DC Blue Devils vs. The District
  Date: 05/08/16 • Site: DMVelite Super Team Showcase

1st Period Play-by-Play
00:17DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Spurlock,NateDistrict 28 - DCBD 21(District by 7)
00:17DCBDGOOD! LAYUP by Tyree,KennethDistrict 26 - DCBD 21(District by 5)
  ASSIST by Tyree,Kenneth
00:17DCBDGOOD! LAYUP by Brown,MarquisDistrict 26 - DCBD 19(District by 7)
00:20DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Spurlock,NateDistrict 26 - DCBD 17(District by 9)
00:54DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Spurlock,NateDistrict 25 - DCBD 17(District by 8)
01:06DCBDFOUL by Anderson,DeAndre (T11P2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Anderson,DeAndre
01:15DistrictMISSED JUMPER by Miller,Bobby
01:18DistrictSTEAL by Burke,Isaiah
01:22DCBDTURNOVR by Sullivan,Connor
  ASSIST by McKenny,Malik
01:26DCBDGOOD! 3 PTR by Brewer,DonaldDistrict 24 - DCBD 17(District by 7)
01:26DCBDFOUL by (TEAM) (T10P2)
01:31DCBDSTEAL by Dig,Babayel
01:33DistrictTURNOVR by Spurlock,Nate
01:39DCBDGOOD! FT SHOT by Brown,MarquisDistrict 24 - DCBD 14(District by 10)
01:39DCBDGOOD! FT SHOT by Brown,MarquisDistrict 24 - DCBD 13(District by 11)
01:39DistrictFOUL by Marable,Josiah (T5P1)
01:44DCBDFOUL TECHNCL by the bench (T9P1)
01:44DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Tull,D'AngeloDistrict 24 - DCBD 12(District by 12)
01:44DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Tull,D'AngeloDistrict 23 - DCBD 12(District by 11)
01:44DCBDFOUL by Anderson,DeAndre (T8P1)
01:44DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Hayes,NigelDistrict 22 - DCBD 12(District by 10)
01:44DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Hayes,NigelDistrict 21 - DCBD 12(District by 9)
01:44DistrictMISSED FT SHOT by Tull,D'Angelo
01:44DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Tull,D'AngeloDistrict 20 - DCBD 12(District by 8)
01:44DCBDFOUL by Matthews,Kobie (T7P2)
02:04DCBDTURNOVR by Dig,Babayel
02:04DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Nwosu,JustinDistrict 19 - DCBD 12(District by 7)
02:20DistrictMISSED FT SHOT by Nwosu,Justin
02:27DCBDFOUL by Dig,Babayel (T6P1)
  ASSIST by Mayur,Ayush
02:32DistrictSTEAL by Nwosu,Justin
02:34DCBDTURNOVR by Brown,Marquis
02:42DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Nwosu,Justin (fastbreak)District 18 - DCBD 12(District by 6)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mayur,Ayush
02:52DCBDMISSED 3 PTR by Dig,Babayel
  ASSIST by Tull,D'Angelo
03:12DistrictGOOD! 3 PTR by Spurlock,NateDistrict 16 - DCBD 12(District by 4)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Spurlock,Nate
03:18DCBDMISSED FT SHOT by Dig,Babayel
03:18DCBDGOOD! FT SHOT by Dig,BabayelDistrict 13 - DCBD 12(District by 1)
03:18DistrictFOUL by Hayes,Nigel (T4P2)
03:40DistrictFOUL by Hayes,Nigel (T3P1)
  ASSIST by Tull,D'Angelo
03:56DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Mayur,Ayush (fastbreak)District 13 - DCBD 11(District by 2)
03:59DistrictSTEAL by Mayur,Ayush
04:00DCBDTURNOVR by Tyree,Kenneth
04:42DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Tull,D'AngeloDistrict 11 - DCBD 11Tied
04:56DCBDFOUL by Matthews,Kobie (T5P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Matthews,Kobie
05:12DistrictMISSED JUMPER by Burke,Isaiah
05:29DCBDTURNOVR by Canelo,Giovanni
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ambroski,Kelly
06:13DistrictMISSED JUMPER by Mayur,Ayush
06:33DCBDTURNOVR by Tyree,Kenneth
06:57DCBDSTEAL by Tyree,Kenneth
07:01DistrictTURNOVR by Burke,Isaiah
07:07DistrictSTEAL by Burke,Isaiah
07:07DCBDTURNOVR by Tyree,Kenneth
07:46DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Tull,D'AngeloDCBD 11 - District 9(DCBD by 2)
07:51DistrictSTEAL by Mayur,Ayush
07:52DCBDTURNOVR by Brewer,Donald
08:00DistrictGOOD! LAYUP by Sims,Devon (fastbreak)DCBD 11 - District 7(DCBD by 4)
08:01DistrictSTEAL by Sims,Devon
08:02DCBDTURNOVR by Ambroski,Kelly
  REBOUND (DEF) by Ambroski,Kelly
08:08DistrictMISSED 3 PTR by Tull,D'Angelo
08:26DCBDFOUL by Alporta,Sam (T4P2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Canelo,Giovanni
08:29DistrictMISSED FT SHOT by Tull,D'Angelo
08:29DistrictMISSED FT SHOT by Tull,D'Angelo
08:29DCBDFOUL by Alporta,Sam (T3P1)
  ASSIST by Alporta,Sam
08:38DCBDGOOD! LAYUP by Canelo,GiovanniDCBD 11 - District 5(DCBD by 6)
09:03DistrictTURNOVR by Marable,Josiah
09:28DCBDTURNOVR by Tyree,Kenneth
09:37DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Miller,BobbyDCBD 9 - District 5(DCBD by 4)
09:37DistrictMISSED FT SHOT by Miller,Bobby
09:37DCBDFOUL by Brewer,Donald (T2P1)
09:42DistrictSTEAL by Marable,Josiah
09:44DCBDTURNOVR by Tyree,Kenneth
  REBOUND (DEF) by Dig,Babayel
09:57DistrictMISSED JUMPER by Miller,Bobby
10:09DCBDTURNOVR by Alporta,Sam
10:28DistrictFOUL by Nwosu,Justin (T2P1)
10:29DistrictSTEAL by Nwosu,Justin
10:30DCBDTURNOVR by Carr,Heratio
  REBOUND (DEF) by Canelo,Giovanni
11:19DistrictMISSED 3 PTR by Burke,Isaiah
  ASSIST by Dig,Babayel
11:38DCBDGOOD! LAYUP by Tyree,Kenneth (fastbreak)DCBD 9 - District 4(DCBD by 5)
11:39DCBDSTEAL by Dig,Babayel
11:41DistrictTURNOVR by Nwosu,Justin
12:06DCBDGOOD! FT SHOT by Brewer,DonaldDCBD 7 - District 4(DCBD by 3)
12:15DCBDGOOD! FT SHOT by Brewer,DonaldDCBD 6 - District 4(DCBD by 2)
12:15DistrictFOUL by Lindo,Ricky (T1P1)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Carr,Heratio
12:22DCBDBLOCK by Carr,Heratio
12:22DistrictMISSED LAYUP by Marable,Josiah
12:28DistrictMISSED LAYUP by Marable,Josiah
12:57DCBDMISSED 3 PTR by Dig,Babayel
13:04DistrictTURNOVR by Spurlock,Nate
13:08DistrictSTEAL by Tull,D'Angelo
13:09DCBDTURNOVR by Brewer,Donald
  REBOUND (DEF) by Carr,Heratio
13:16DistrictMISSED LAYUP by McKenny,Malik
13:19DistrictSTEAL by McKenny,Malik
13:20DCBDTURNOVR by Brown,Marquis
  REBOUND (DEF) by Brewer,Donald
13:37DistrictMISSED 3 PTR by Sims,Devon
14:00DistrictBLOCK by McKenny,Malik
14:00DCBDMISSED LAYUP by Brown,Marquis
14:18DCBDSTEAL by Brown,Marquis
14:20DistrictTURNOVR by Spurlock,Nate
14:35DistrictSTEAL by Spurlock,Nate
14:37DCBDTURNOVR by Brown,Marquis
14:50DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Spurlock,NateDCBD 5 - District 4(DCBD by 1)
14:50DistrictGOOD! FT SHOT by Spurlock,NateDCBD 5 - District 3(DCBD by 2)
14:50DCBDFOUL by Carr,Heratio (T1P1)
15:18DCBDGOOD! LAYUP by Brewer,DonaldDCBD 5 - District 2(DCBD by 3)
15:37DistrictGOOD! JUMPER by Tull,D'AngeloDCBD 3 - District 2(DCBD by 1)
15:41DCBDGOOD! 3 PTR by Dig,BabayelDCBD 3 - District 0(DCBD by 3)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Canelo,Giovanni
16:00DistrictMISSED 3 PTR by Tull,D'Angelo
16:00DCBDBLOCK by Brown,Marquis
16:00DistrictMISSED LAYUP by Tull,D'Angelo
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