3rd Period Play-by-Play

  Dematha vs. St. Johns
  Date: 02/22/16 • Site: 2016 WCAC Boys Basketball Championship

3rd Period Play-by-Play
00:12CadetsBLOCK by Sykes,Kylia
00:12DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Allen,Ryan
00:19CadetsFOUL by Clayton,Dejuan (P2)
00:30CadetsGOOD! JUMPER by Clayton,Dejuan (in the paint)Cadets 46 - Dematha 39(Cadets by 7)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Clayton,Dejuan
00:34CadetsMISSED 3 PTR by Cowan Jr,Anthony
01:13DemathaGOOD! LAYUP by Fultz,MarkelleCadets 44 - Dematha 39(Cadets by 5)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Fultz,Markelle
01:15DemathaMISSED LAYUP by Fultz,Markelle
  REBOUND (DEF) by Carlton,Joshua
01:24DemathaBLOCK by Fultz,Markelle
01:24CadetsMISSED JUMPER by Clayton,Dejuan
01:42DemathaGOOD! JUMPER by Harvey,DJCadets 44 - Dematha 37(Cadets by 7)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Harvey,DJ
01:54CadetsMISSED JUMPER by Sykes,Kylia
02:09DemathaGOOD! JUMPER by Gardner,Reggie (in the paint)Cadets 44 - Dematha 35(Cadets by 9)
02:39CadetsGOOD! FT SHOT by Dowtin Jr,JeffreyCadets 44 - Dematha 33(Cadets by 11)
02:39CadetsGOOD! FT SHOT by Dowtin Jr,JeffreyCadets 43 - Dematha 33(Cadets by 10)
02:39DemathaFOUL by Carlton,Joshua (P2)
  ASSIST by Taylor,Kellen
02:53DemathaGOOD! LAYUP by Gardner,Reggie (fastbreak)Cadets 42 - Dematha 33(Cadets by 9)
02:56DemathaSTEAL by Taylor,Kellen
02:58CadetsTURNOVR by Cowan Jr,Anthony
  REBOUND (DEF) by Sykes,Kylia
03:24DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Fultz,Markelle
03:36CadetsGOOD! JUMPER by Dowtin Jr,JeffreyCadets 42 - Dematha 31(Cadets by 11)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mona,Reese
04:05DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Harvey,DJ
  ASSIST by Dowtin Jr,Jeffrey
04:34CadetsGOOD! 3 PTR by Cowan Jr,AnthonyCadets 40 - Dematha 31(Cadets by 9)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Mona,Reese
04:38DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Fultz,Markelle
  ASSIST by Mona,Reese
04:51CadetsGOOD! LAYUP by Sykes,KyliaCadets 37 - Dematha 31(Cadets by 6)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Mona,Reese
04:57CadetsMISSED 3 PTR by Mona,Reese
04:59DemathaGOOD! LAYUP by Harvey,DJCadets 35 - Dematha 31(Cadets by 4)
  REBOUND (OFF) by Harvey,DJ
05:01DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Fultz,Markelle
  REBOUND (OFF) by Fultz,Markelle
05:03DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Harvey,DJ
  ASSIST by Dowtin Jr,Jeffrey
05:35CadetsGOOD! 3 PTR by Clayton,DejuanCadets 35 - Dematha 29(Cadets by 6)
05:41DemathaFOUL by Harvey,DJ (P1)
05:47DemathaFOUL by Fultz,Markelle (P2)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Dowtin Jr,Jeffrey
05:56DemathaMISSED LAYUP by Darling,Nate
06:26CadetsGOOD! LAYUP by Cowan Jr,AnthonyCadets 32 - Dematha 29(Cadets by 3)
  REBOUND (DEF) by Sykes,Kylia
06:33DemathaMISSED JUMPER by Fultz,Markelle
  ASSIST by Mona,Reese
06:45CadetsGOOD! LAYUP by Sykes,KyliaCadets 30 - Dematha 29(Cadets by 1)
07:04DemathaGOOD! FT SHOT by Darling,NateDematha 29 - Cadets 28(Dematha by 1)
07:04DemathaGOOD! FT SHOT by Darling,NateCadets 28 - Dematha 28Tied
07:04CadetsTURNOVR by Sykes,Kylia
  ASSIST by Cowan Jr,Anthony
07:28CadetsGOOD! 3 PTR by Dowtin Jr,JeffreyCadets 28 - Dematha 27(Cadets by 1)
  ASSIST by Harvey,DJ
07:49DemathaGOOD! 3 PTR by Taylor,KellenDematha 27 - Cadets 25(Dematha by 2)
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